Corporate Responsibility 

Corporate Responsibility

The Dutch government wants to promote Corporate Responsibility (CR) in businesses.

Corporate Responsibility means that companies in addition to aiming for economic gain also take into account the effects of their business activities on the environment and society. It is increasingly clear that balancing these criteria lead to better results for both businesses and society.The Dutch government expects from companies that they operate responsibly, both in The Netherlands and abroad. As a consequence the Dutch State has developed criteria for CR policy when applying its 'foreign financial support instruments'. Export credit insurance and investment insurance are part of these foreign financial support instruments. Since the companies that make use of export credit insurance and investment insurance, operate on the international market, international agreements on Corporate Social Responsibility are of great importance. The Dutch government believes that insured transactions meet international CSR standards. Atradius Dutch State Business performs a financial and environmental and social review to decide whether the transactions meet those standards. The two reviews focus on the following aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility:


  • combating bribery;

  • sustainable lending policy;

  • environmental and social impact.

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